ADHD and Other Letters: Neurodivergence on the Road

There’s work for me in Perth; for funding reasons, it needs to be done by the end of June. I haven’t earned more than a couple hundred bucks in about 18 months, and before last Sunday, I hadn’t been on a plane since September 2019. We’ve been waiting for the state borders to open, hoveringContinue reading “ADHD and Other Letters: Neurodivergence on the Road”

ADHD and Other Letters: Hacky Problem Solving – The Comfy Chair

In the previous post, I explained that ADHD offers specific cognitive challenges that force us to think outside the box, and that we tend to solve problems in creative ways, using approaches that feel like shortcuts to us, because we’re just using what we have; but sometimes they are quite innovative. And I gave aContinue reading “ADHD and Other Letters: Hacky Problem Solving – The Comfy Chair”

ADHD and other letters: Prioritising People

I’m a fortunate person, I think. I have wonderful friends, many more than I suspect I deserve. They support me when I’m at the end of my rope, they forgive my foibles and quirks, they occasionally call me on my bullshit when that’s needed (usually gently, and with care), and they are all-round excellent humans.Continue reading “ADHD and other letters: Prioritising People”

ADHD and Other Letters: Finite Resources and the Absence of Laziness

True story. I already had the first part of this drafted when I saw neurodivergent Twitter explode in the best way, taking apart the concept of laziness. I wish I could take credit for my timely response, but I assure you, this was entirely accidental. Regardless, this is the patented Doctor Fancy Pants take onContinue reading “ADHD and Other Letters: Finite Resources and the Absence of Laziness”

ADHD and other letters: Threshold Effectiveness

This post and the previous post were originally one post, so if you read that when it was a single many-limbed beast, this isn’t going to tell you anything new. I tend to make things long and verbose (see the blog title), and it’s an issue for me. In the end I decided that I’dContinue reading “ADHD and other letters: Threshold Effectiveness”

ADHD and other letters: Five of Seven

(note: this post and the following post were originally one single gargantuan post, but then it turned out there was a really obvious break point, so I split it) I try to have at least one intervening blog post between my commitment to monthly ADHD posts, and that fell down a bit this time, butContinue reading “ADHD and other letters: Five of Seven”

ADHD and other letters: The Trouble With Flexibility

As an ADHDer, I’m well-acquainted with the fact that I am a terrible boss of myself. I’ve spent my academic and professional career working my arse off, burning the midnight oil, procrastinating projects I actually want to do, and castigating myself for being unable to parcel out my workload in any organised fashion. It’s aContinue reading “ADHD and other letters: The Trouble With Flexibility”

ADHD and other letters: More Than School

(content note: this post deals with some of the more severe consequences of ADHD, as well as bullying, social rejection, mental illness, and medication. It may not be a fun read. It was hard to write. I think it matters) We need to talk about how we manage ADHD treatment. I’m not talking solely aboutContinue reading “ADHD and other letters: More Than School”

ADHD and other letters: The Hyperfocus Daemon or “Out! Out, damned weed!”

1. Names have power and this one is just kind of shit It’s true that “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” is an extraordinarily ineffective name for the condition. Firstly, plenty of people internalise their hyperactivity and thus appear to be “inattentive” (I have opinions on this, but we’ll go with that for now). Secondly, we doContinue reading “ADHD and other letters: The Hyperfocus Daemon or “Out! Out, damned weed!””

ADHD and Other Letters: This Is Hard – It’s Not Just You

I scribbled out a mad rushing stream of consciousness in my journal, somewhere around the 25th of June. That was the bare bones of a blog post I wanted to write, one that I was looking forward to writing, about different ways of explaining and visualising and understanding information, and I thought it belonged underContinue reading “ADHD and Other Letters: This Is Hard – It’s Not Just You”