My Bullet Journal Has Literally Changed My Life

I heard the term “bullet journal” from friends on Twitter, and brushed it off as just one of those things that pops up that I’ll work out eventually. There’s a lot of terminology that just flows past me online.

Then I started watching the How To ADHD videos, and there was one on bullet journals, which made it sound like a good solution to a lot of my problems, listed below.

  1. I forget everything.
  2. I make multiple to-do lists in different places and forget they exist, including-
    1. Post-it notes on my desk at work (multiple)
    2. Post-it notes on my desk at home (multiple)
    3. Word documents on my laptop
    4. Reminder lists on my phone
    5. Entries in my calendar (with reminders)
  3. I can’t work out how long things take even when I try super hard and try to learn from past experience and try to add in a lot of extra time
  4. …so I overcommit and try to make myself do too much, leading to-
  5. Ludicrous stress from overscheduling, leading to-
  6. Collapsing from exhaustion and not getting stuff done

(we’ll set aside the fact that muscular fatigue and low blood pressure mean that me “collapsing from exhaustion” might take a bit less activity than for most people)

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Holiday adventures: My First Whale Shark

Husband and I are in Thailand at the moment, decompressing and enjoying the tropical warmth and sun (from the shade. We’re a bit too pale to enjoy it more directly, especially my redheaded self). We just spent four days on a live-aboard diving tour of the Similan Islands (we went with Similan Diving Safaris and I recommend them without hesitation), and it’s hard to be back on land with no prospect of diving any time soon. Our resort isn’t really positioned for easy day trips.

Anyway, the important thing is that after twelve years of diving and about 270 trips beneath the surface, I’ve finally seen a whale shark. A little one.

Here’s the story of how that happened. I tried to keep it short, but you know me.

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