ADHD meds: adventures in Vyvanse, part one

So, I have been on 30mg Vyvanse for a whole (checks diary) four days. I was diagnosed with ADHD on Wednesday, and today is Saturday. Probably I should wait a bit longer before I deliver the truth bombs, since my brain’s response will adapt, but everyone is keen to know the deal, and I do have stuff to say already, so here goes (I can update as this changes). Continue Reading


ADHD and other letters

This is a long story, and some parts of it are really hard to write about. It’s got a pretty good ending (or beginning, strike up the cellos, etc.), so while that’s a spoiler it’s probably worth sticking through it for that. I try to stay factual, but it get personal. Maybe it’ll help other people have epiphanies, who knows?

It starts with some other letters: ASD. Continue Reading