O Bendy Gymster: On Working Out When Sick

I have to admit, it hasn’t been a great year for illness. When I look at the timeline, it’s fairly clear that it correlates very tightly with (1) high levels of stress and (2) an unprecedented level of seasonal depression (hurrah, seasonal affective disorder), which also leads back to (1). This means that my heftyContinue reading “O Bendy Gymster: On Working Out When Sick”

Rainforest Living: The Song of the Mountains

  When we first saw the Mountain Fortress on its Open For Inspection day, we saw a beautifully maintained red cedar house on a sloping hill. From the top of the driveway, on the street, you could look out over it and see the forest and rolling hills laid out before you. The backyard wasContinue reading “Rainforest Living: The Song of the Mountains”

Rainforest Living: How We Ended Up Here

Husband and I used to live in a rather cosy three bedroom flat in North Melbourne. I was fifteen minutes from uni on foot at a very leisurely pace; we were two blocks from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, three from the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and two from Errol Street. The latter was a placeContinue reading “Rainforest Living: How We Ended Up Here”

O Bendy Gymster / This Keto Life: A Tale of Glycogen and Pain

When I think about my hypermobility, I usually frame it in a fairly simple way: it’s a physical disorder that sets limits on what I can do and how I do it. I work and think and plan to find a way around it so I can do the things I want and need toContinue reading “O Bendy Gymster / This Keto Life: A Tale of Glycogen and Pain”