Sound check / Mission statement

I’m slightly taken aback. I was expecting WordPress to ask for my personal biography and breakfast habits, but instead received the enthusiastic suggestion to create a post. I’ve been mentally narrating that bio in the menu there (presuming I get around to creating it by the time this is read) for the last little while.

Introductory posts suck. It’s like stage banter before the first song. It should all be heavy drums at that point, but here I am, grinning vapidly at the audience.

I have other places on the internet where I vent my spleen, but they haven’t quite turned out the way I desired. This is the place where I plan to actually compose and consider entries (introductory posts excepted) and (gasp!) research them prior to tossing my opinions and tales to the wind. I’ve been writing various blog entries in preparation for a while, about various things – all of them, naturally, interesting to me – so for a while I will not be short on content.

Blogs tend to do better when they have a unified theme. I, however, don’t. My education and experience has been somewhat heterogenous to say the least, so you might find me waxing lyrical on anything from literary criticism to evolutionary biology. Or animal behaviour (with a likely focus on dog training and my dog, or simply cats). Or SCUBA diving (I plan to borrow Husband’s GoPro and add footage from time to time). Or exercise and hypermobility (I am perfectly healthy but suffer from somewhat odd biomechanical problems).

The fact is that I spend most of my life with a running commentary blathering through my skull, and it is frankly exhausting. I plan to add careful editing and research (where appropriate) to these mental screeds and find a home for them here; over the years it has turned out that these screeds seem to be interesting to people, so I should make them the very best screeds the world has ever seen.

Word of the day: screed.

Welcome. Please stick around.



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